Dropbox tricksWe all know Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

But in this post we gonna show you how to use Dropbox in a new ways by the end of this post, lets get started quickly.


1. Use Dropbox as Your Default Documents Folder : 

Most people keep all their files in the Documents folder on their PC or Mac, and as these files are usually quite small, you can probably sync the whole lot to Dropbox. 

In Windows, right-click on your My Documents, hit Properties and select location now move it to Dropbox folder.

Move My documents to dropbox

For Mac OS, open Terminal (in Utilities) and sort cd Dropbox. Press enter, and afterward sort ln -s ~/Documents/Documents. Hit enter again to finish the procedure.


2. Email Attachments To Your Dropbox :

With send to Drop box you can email your files to Dropbox its free and super simple too. All you have to do is connect with Dropbox with sendto dropbox, get your unique email address, and start sending files as an attachment that will upload in your Dropbox.


3 . Save your screenshots in Dropbox automatically : Whenever you click on print screen Dropbox will create an image a of the screen and will be saved in your Dropbox folder.

To enable this just click on Dropbox shortcut icon from your task bar and then click on the gear icon and from the drop down click on prefrences and go to import and enable (tick) share screenshots using Dropbox.

Share screenshot using drop box

Now whenever you click on print screen you will get a copy of the image in Screenshots folder inside Dropbox.


4. Remotely download from torrent:

If you download torrents, you’ll probably have been away from your computer when you come across a torrent that you want to download. – See more at: http://www.dropboxtips.com/start-torrent-downloads-from-anywhere-with-dropbox-and-utorrent/#sthash.RAsg8hrH.dpufr

You can remotely download any Torrent files and save in your Dropbox and can later access it at home with this few steps.

Make sure you have uTorrent installed in your computer.

Now open you uTorrent and go to options >Preferences>Directories and check “automatically load torrents from”, browse your Dropbox folder as the directory from where uTorrent will automatically load the .torrent file. Select the Delete loaded .torrents box too, if you don’t need to keep the torrent file.

remote torrent dropbox

Better create a torrent folder inside your dropbox folder for easy access, your computer must be switched on and connected to the internet, just copying a .torrent file into your Dropbox torrents folder from anywhere will start the downloading.


5. Become a Dropbox Guru and Get more space: Use Dropbox referrals From your account and get more space Share it on Facebook  and Twitter you get 125 MB for each sharing, use the Invitation for and invite your friends you gets 1Gb of space once  a friend joins Dropbox.

All together you can give invite all your Gmail, Yahoo contacts and earn huge space, I got 50 Gb from Dropbox after I invited all my Google contacts. Below is the screenshot.



dropbox guru


If  you can suggest us more, Please leave them in your comments.

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October 2, 2014

Great post with fantastic tips. Knowing how to excel with Dropbox is a great productivity hack for online professionals and bloggers.