antivirusEverybody has an antivirus program on their devices these days. Most of us have a vague idea about what antivirus exactly does to protect our computer, but we know we need it. However, there are many different options when it comes to antivirus and it’s not always easy to pick the right one for your needs, but you need to make an informed choice.



The truth is that many of us simply opt out for the program they’ve heard about or the one that’s highly rated in Google Store, but there’s more to it than just randomly picking out antivirus that appears best to you. You need to what you want out of an antivirus and if you’re not willing to pay for it, then tread cautiously not to install a malware that can cause chaos with your personal data. This is why we decided to talk about the best 5 free antivirus programs that have been tested and proved to be the best that internet presently has to offer.



1.     AVG Antivirus Free 

avg free antivusChances are, you’ve heard of this program, or you already have it installed on one of your devices (or all of them). AVG has been doing excellent job in the previous years when it comes to taking their clients security to the next level, which how they earned their good name in the first place. Today, they are known as one of the antivirus companies with most satisfied users and one of the programs with the highest rank in the niche.

Millions of people all around the world are using AVG free antivirus and are more than happy with it. It is compatible with most used platforms and operating systems and it has a lot of additional features that you can install free of charge, to improve your security even more. Its antimalware scans are meticulous and will notify you of every threat they find in your system, which tends to get annoying if they’re frequent. A perk we found especially useful among AVG features is that you can connect your devices and check from your phone if your tablet has got malware problem or vice versa. This comes particularly handy if you know that you’ve got issues with a certain device, because you can safely clean from all the malware junk without infecting the other device.



2.     Panda Free Antivirus

panda freePanda free antivirus functions a bit differently than most other programs do, though when it comes to efficiency, it does the job just as well as other programs.

Unlike its competitors, Panda does its best not to affect your device’s performance, and it succeeds in doing so by using cloud processing. The trick is that all the scans that Panda performs are done in their own signature cloud, meaning that whatever scan you’re doing won’t slow down your PC or phone, like it’s often the case with other antivirus programs. Panda antivirus has also proved to be excellent when it comes to protecting you from all forms of malicious software and its interface has been improved significantly in the last years. What’s more, this program will be installed in a few clicks, after which you can let it do all the hard work for you.



3.     Avast Free Antivirus

avast free

Avast can be considered a classic in the antivirus world, seeing how popular and efficient it is. Even though its premium version is nothing short than top notch, its free version is completely enough to cover the needs of any basic internet user.

It is undoubtedly one of the program in which millions of people have put their trust in, and thus far, it has proven to be a good choice. Avast acts like a shield for your device, and not only when it comes to viruses and other dangers, but also some threats you’re not even thinking about. It has an impressive number of different scans to offer to its users, most prominent of them being the scan of your router and Wi-Fi connection. Many hidden threats could be lurking in your Wi-Fi, but Avast takes care of it regularly, so that you don’t have to.




4.     Avira Free Antivirus

avira free

Avira can be often found on many top 10 antivirus software lists, and it’s usually in the first half of those lists. Though superlatives might be an overreaction when describing Avira, its features, as well as its interface work practically without a glitch.

On Avira website you’ll see that their antivirus program has been installed for half a billion times, which in itself is an incredible feat. This program has passed the tests in various areas of antivirus expertise and has past most of them with flying colors. Special recommendations go to malware detection and destruction, which was said to be among the very best of the best. Another great thing is that Avira works with cloud-based security pools, which enables the program to detect any new threat that appears on the internet and makes a patch for it as soon as possible. This is a great mechanism that works, judging by the millions of users Avira has worldwide.




5.     Bitdefender Antivirus


One of the reasons Bitdefender Antivirus is so successful is the fact they work very hard to improve their product every year and it shows.

This is a program that is tailor made for all those, who prefer not to be disturbed by antivirus notifications very often. Bitdefender is made to do things on its own, without involving you very much, except to inform you occasionally that a threat has been taken care of. This antivirus has been almost completely put on autopilot to give you room and not burden you with every single thing happening on your device. Aside from its stealthy nature, Bitdefender is just as useful and good at its job as any other virus we mentioned and will prove to be a solid choice for your devices’ protection.



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