reduce image size without losing qualityEvery time we upload an image on social networking sites or on our favorite image gallery, first thing that comes in our mind is adjusting the width and height of the picture because we don’t want them to fit the image size according to their dimensions and compromise the quality or limit some portions.

Or sometime we have image that has bigger in size that doesn’t makes enough room to get in, here comes this guide to help you with and  may be you are reading this because you might be either in one of those situations so lets get started.




reduce image size on photoshopYes our very own Photoshop does the trick and that’s very simple open the image you want to edit on Photoshop menu option select and image and then image size or shortcut key alt+Ctrl+I You can see the Resample image: Bicubic sharper (best for reduction) choose that option and resize the image save it.




PicResize is an online tool in fact is much better than Photoshop just open the website click ‘Browse’ and choose a picture file OR drag a picture or click on from web option and paste the url of the image, Click continue on the next page you have several options you can corp the image if you want.

But we want to go on these options see the image below.

picresizeSelect Custom size on make my picture option and input height and width in pixles or percent whichever is convenient for you, i skipped the option for special effect as I do not need in my case, choose the image format, choose the best quality from the drop down menu file size is optional you many try to use file size option if that really maters you.


Learn what image file type is better for you


Click I’m Done, Resize my picture you have couple of options generally you should first view the image if you like it save to your computer or continue editing until you get the results you looking for.


With Browsers


Yes, With Browsers open an image with Firefox Or Chrome, on Firefox or Chrome press CTRL+O browse the image you want to reduce the size. Hit Ctrl and – key to minimize the size then or simply resize the browser window from all the corners to adjust the size use both the options to get the best size hit PrntScr (Print screen) and paste it on Photoshop or Paint and corp the area you want to use, although its not a good idea but in some case it helps and the quality of the picture remains the same.

In the image below you can see I have resized an image of 700 x 700 pixel to 147 x 147 pixel without losing quality.

reduce image on Broswer




Shrinkpictures An online image sizing site, its very easy to resize your image on shrink pictures try out with one now.


On Android Or Iphone


Reduce Photo Size Try this app on your Android phone to reduce photo size Most users love it.

iPhone users will love this Simple Resize


CompressNow Is the best way to reduce Image size without losing quality give a try.


If you have any More ideas share with us on comments below.

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