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This post is the second part of 10 Amazing  windows’s Programs you might not be aware of here we have covered some of the awesome programs that comes handy when they are required.

For instance you captured lot of pictures on your camera and you know your camera won’t name the places and faces you have captured in theirs names, and when you go through you will need to and rename it again to save them in your gallery. But no problem with Advanced Renamer you can add all the images in these small light weight program and rename bulk images easily it can also rename folders and files extensions.


Who’s on my Wi-fi: 

who-is-on-my-wifiWho is On My Wifi is a program that scans your wireless network and displays the list of clients with list Mac address and Ip address assigned to it, this program will help you prevent unknown users from accessing your wireless, someone may be using your WiFi  for Cyber crime, once you come to know someone else using your WiFi for which you are paying, you can quickly change the password, and prevent them for using it.




Srtdownloader: As the name goes Srtdownloader is a very compact program which lets you download YouTube’s closed caption developed by Messia, it requires you just the url of the YouTube video and you can download the subtitle in .Srt format.




WinToFlash:  With WinToFlash you can easily create a boot-able Flash drive and can install an operating system or any program that works on boot menu its very simple and easy to use, and can be very helpful when your CD-Rom is not working or on those Pc’s that doesn’t comes with CD-Rom.





Format Factory: Format Factory is multifunctional media convertor.
Format Factory’s Feature:
1 support converting all popular video,audio,picture formats to others.
2 Repair damaged video and audio file.
3 Reducing Multimedia file size.
4 Support iphone,ipod multimedia file formats.
5 Picture converting supports Zoom,Rotate/Flip,tags.
6 DVD Ripper.
7 Supports 62 languages.





Doxillion Document Converter:

Doxillion Document Converter
Convert between many different text document formats,Supports Word converting doc and docx, WordPerfect wps, pdf text, Open Office odt,Convert source code to html and much more .





Freeopener: Opens 70+ other file types this is an Amazing program it can open almost any file type you have in your computer.






Image:  PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, ICO, RAW and more !




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