Windows 10

Microsoft announced Windows 10 on 30th September, Image source Windows blog

Excited about new Windows 10 ? Here you can download the technical preview.

On 30th September Windows released a video revealing new amazing features on Windows 10 and claiming it to be the best windows yet watch it here . Lets take a look at the features briefly.


1.  Start menu:

Our very own Start menu is back , with lot of improvement now you can personalize with live tiles and favorite apps .

windows 10  start menu


2.  Improved Search on Start menu:

Search is back on Start menu and on the taskbar, now whenever you are looking for something you will get results,not only from your computer but also from the web.


3. App store:

Get Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop apps do and can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing for maximize, minimize, and close with a click.

windows 10 app store



4. Multitasking:

With the Introduction of  new task, you can now quickly switch between all your open tabs, mouseover on task view and get a view of all the running tabs just select to switch.


windows 10 new task


5. Snap Assist:

Snap a window shows thumbnails of running apps, when you snap a window, windows will make smart suggestion on filling the available screen space with other open.

windows 10 snap assist


6 Adding a desktop: 

Adding a desktop keep things neatly organized, you can create a desktop for the works you do at separate place and your personal.


windows 10 adding a desktop



7. Command prompt with keyboard shortcuts:

Another cool feature is that Command prompt is coming with keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to paste in your commands and its completely Flexible .


8. File Explorer:

File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders letting you to quickly find files.


9. Flexibility:

Windows 10 is made flexible, now you can re-size the apps which you have opened just by clicking, windows 10 has replaced charms bar with menu option which also has search bar, share options, settings,print and also exit option from full screen which is great.

windows 10 charms bar

Cortana and Continuum features were missing in technical preview Microsoft will launch these features with final release, expected somewhere in 2015.


Microsoft Edge (codenamed Spartan) it will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser of Windows 10 PCs, smartphones and tablets.[Wiki]

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