Automatically switch default printers It becomes quite annoying  for us to keep changing default printers when we switch between different networks especially home and office everyday.

In this post we discuss about taking few steps that we makes default printers to switch automatically between different networks.


So lets gets started


Below is the screenshot of the printers I have in my computer I use HP LaserJet2100 while I am in my home and HP Photosmart c6300 at office, currently HP Lase Jet is is set as Default printer as I am in my home.

setting default printers 1Steps to change it automatically


Open up Devices and Printers go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers  Select any printer and on the top Click Manage default Printers.

setting default printersAs soon as you click Manage default printers you will get a popup window asking you to set up default printers.

From the drop down Select network choose your Network and from the Select printer drop down menu select which printer you want to be set as default in my case I will use HP LaserJet as default Printer at home and Home Internet is the name of my Home network internet.

Click on Add

setting default printers 2Now after you have added the the printer it will show in the below section with network name and selected default printer.

setting default printers 3Repeat the same steps for select the office network and select the printer.

setting default printers 4Click on Ok and VOILA ! we have done it. You can select many networks and different default printers.

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