Find out Duplicate filesHaving identical files can mess up your computer not only it will take more disk space but also make it difficult for you to manage and modify data.

And if you are reading this by the end of this post you will find some of the best tools you can use to find and delete duplicate files, music, images from your computer.



Easy Duplicate Finder

easy duplicate finder

Easy Duplicate Finder works fast and accurate it can scan and find duplicate documents, songs, photos, videos, and even Outlook e-mails you can view the Live preview for safer search you have the Undo option in case you removed a file by mistake, available for Windows and mac  Download here.


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate file finder
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is an absolutely free program that gives you full control you can specify the file type you looking for it can efficiently locate duplicate images, music, videos and other personal files to remove Download now.


CC Cleaner

cc cleaner duplicate finderCC Cleaner search for Duplicate files very fast, to test its effectiveness I placed an Exe file from C program files to my E drive when searched it quickly detected one of them as duplicate by the its version and name. CC cleaner is fast and accurate and very effective.




If you are more particularly looking for duplicate images then vissiPics is the best program you can have,  it has 3 filters to perform best scan Strict, basic and loose mode.

It gives clarity in results you can delete duplicate images during the scan itself a very easy to use interface Download





AllDup is a smart  program that lets you scan within folders or hard drive to find duplicate images, videos or excutable files it lets to search with combination of file extension, file name, date modified, file attributes, file size etc, it’s also able to search within Zip and Rar compression, giving you a convinient search results list you can also export to txt or csv.


With your comments let us know what is the best program you use to find and delete duplicate files.

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March 24, 2015

I would recommend Duplicate Files Deleter