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There are several things we can possibly do even if there is restrictions or if we have to follow certain procedure to get the things done.


In Today’s post we are going to discuss few of them.



YouTube Tricks and Tips


You can download to any YouTube video in Audio format you wish to, launch and paste the Url of the video in the input box and you can download the audio format of the video.


Want to watch a video but need to sign in to verify age ? just add nsfw before, suppose the url of the video is adding will make you watch any video directly that requires age verification.


Launch [here ad video id]

Example is the current video you are seeing with Ads launch it as and you will see Videos without any ads.


Share certain portion of YouTube video just add #t=01m010s that is # Time equal to 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Add your own time at a point where video should start.

Try this the video will start at 3 minutes and 5 seconds


Giflike Create Gif of any YouTube video.




computer tricks

Rename several files and folders Quickly, open the drive or folder under which you want to rename several files and folders at once, select the folders or files Hit F2 and now you can rename the file or folder, after you have done with one press Tab button it will jump to next file or folder so that you can easily rename.

Keep pressing tab to rename it will make your work much easier.

You can also use Advance renamer to rename bulk images easily it can also rename folders and file extensions.


Play YouTube Video with Vlc Media player on your computer.


Open a program automatically when Computer starts.


Automatically switch default printers between Different Networks on home or work




internet tricksGoogle awesome tricks and important urls you might not know


Not being able to access specific websites because of your geographic location ? Try Hola plugin and Access any website.


Check 99 Most useful urls.


Leave your comments and let us know some of the tricks and tips you know.

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