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Migration from one email client to another might have many reasons behind it but the aftermath is not as easy as you thought it will be. Especially when you decide to migrate from an email client whose email files does not support the other email client. For such situations you have to take help of professional tools.

PST Converter is one of such tools whose basic function is to convert email file of one file format to another. It converts PST file to various other file formats and gives you a medium for the conversion.

The most interesting factor of this tool is it provides the conversion of PST file in four file formats thus giving a wide range of users chance to access Outlook emails. And despite of covering all the data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. it follows up the conversion in very less time.



Who Can Take Benefits of This Tool?
As this software concentrates on the conversion of PST data to various file formats, versatile users can take benefit of this software. Moreover, the conversion will take place supporting the damaged PST files.



Software converts PST files to these file formats;
MSG: If you want to convert your emails to individual emails as .msg files then you can do it by choosing this file format. All the data will be converted as single .msg file and will get stored in the location you provided to the application. If your need is to get individual emails as MSG then this software is highly efficient.


You can convert PST emails to the EML (RFC 822 Format). This converts emails to a file format which is accessible in multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. When you choose this file format, only emails will get converted to the emails. So if you have migrated to email clients which support EML file importing procedure, this function of PST to EML conversion will help you.


Software has a very advantageous feature which lets you secure your email in proactive way. PDF file is considered as the most secured file format and if you want to provide your Outlook emails more protection, you can utilize this tool to convert your PST email data to PDF file format. You have to check the necessary options to do so which is explained in below


Users, whose requirement is converting only contacts from PST file to the vCard file format, can also be benefited from this tool as it has got an option to convert only contacts to electronic business cards. This will help to store contacts of Outlook in more flexible and compatible file format which can be accessed in Smart phones, iPhones, etc.



Working Steps of PST Converter
Step 1: Download and install the software and initialize it for further execution.
Step 2: You will be able to see Add File option in Main Menu of window. Click this option.
pst converter step 1
Step 3: This will lead to pop-up another small window where you have to provide location. Click on Browse and provide the location of PST file which is supposed to be converted. You can check the option of Advance Scan if your PST file is also has corruption issues.

pst converter step 2


Step 4: Select the PST file and click Open to open the file.
Step 5: Scanning might take time. Once scanned, a message will be displayed that the PST scanning is done click OK on to it.

pst converter step 3

Step 6: This will load your complete PST file to the application displaying all the data items on the application screen in the left pane.


Step 7: This Preview will contain list of folders of data items in the left pane and right pane will comprise of the list of items inside that particular folder. You can also click on particular email and view its data content individually.

Software provides a multi-viewing option to fetch internal details of emails like headers, email route, IP address, etc. These various email view options are; Normal, Hex, Message Header, Email Hop, Attachments, MIME, Properties, Hierarchical, etc.


Step 8: You can select particular emails by checking them and then click on Export. This will export selective emails. As you click on Export another window of Export options will open up with advance options.

pst converter step 4
Step 9: Perform the necessary selections in this Export window like;
• Select email file to which conversion has to be done amongst; MSG, EML, PDF and vCard.
• Next option is optional; if you want to export emails belonging to particular time range then you can select this option and provide range of dates in To and From options.
• Provide Naming Convention applicable for emails only and your individual emails will be saved with this naming pattern.
• Click on Browse and here provide the location where to save the converted emails.
• Then click on Export.

pst converter step5

Note: If you want to export all the emails at once directly click on Export option in the Menu.


Step 10: A message will be shown that Export is successful.


Step 11: An export report will be also created as a CSV file.

pst convertor step 6

Overall Performance
Outlook PST Converter Tool  lets you perform 3 major tasks;
• Access Outlook PST emails in other email platforms
• Overcome damages in PST file and then convert it

• Easify the conversion procedure which cannot be done manually


Some of the advance features like filters, preview, selective export, easy operability, self-guiding interface, etc. makes the conversion more effective. Tool runs fast, is accurate, reliable and output is precision-rich. It might not cover all the email clients but major email clients are covered with its conversion option to EML and MSG file format. All the features are very helpful and innovative. Our ratings for the service and product will be 4.6/5.

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