dropx-vs-Google-drive-vs-Onedrive-Vs-BoxIf you really care about your files, documents, photos and other stuff then you will come across one of these services. If you still haven’t started yet you are going to need it.

A cloud based storage services is really needed, with having the advantage of being accessible from anywhere and sharing facilities it also act as backup of your data.

Today cloud storage services are so popular that there are many service provider proving cloud storage. So we took this chance to compare.

Compare -dropboxgoogledriveOnedrive-and-box

On Free plan



Dropbox interface

(My personal favourite) Perhaps web’s favorite cloud storage even though Dropbox provides only 2Gb of free space Dropbox remains favorite for most of the users its super simple secure, clean interface and even supports two step verification you can always get more space by sharing it with your friends and or by paying, see here some of the tips and tricks for dropbox.


Google Drive 

Google drive interface

built with Google’s Web-based operating system call Chromium. The reason i like Google drive is that I use Gmail I can save all My Mail attachments directly to my Google Drive account simply by clicking save to drive it comes with 15GB of free space, and its very easy to share files and set permissions. Drive has built-in office suite, you can edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, even if you created it with an another program.


One Drive (Formerly SkyDrive)

One drive interface

 One drive is cloud based storage service by Microsoft it provides 15Gb of free space.
Those who use Windows 8 and 8.1 have OneDrive built into their operating system. The best thing about one Drive is that it works closely with Microsoft Office apps, such as Word or PowerPoint, which we all use so whenever you launch one of those applications you will see a list of recent documents, including those saved to OneDrive.
If you are a office365 user you can collaborate in real time with other users. Since Onedrive is a Microsoft product its easy to open and edit office documents.



Box interface

BOX You can sign up for a free individual account on Box, box gives you 10Gb of free space, you can upload any files, folders and easily share it. Box gives you a lot of control over the privacy of your files, You can even password-protect individual files and set expiration dates for shared folders.

For the purpose of business users can also connect with other apps, such as Salesforce and NetSuite, makes it easy to save documents to in Box.

Leave in your comments which is best for you.

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