The KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED formerly Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that restarts or shut down Windows operating system abruptly.

May be causing due to any faulty hardware device or  incompatible driver,  issues with recently installed software program, corrupt or conflicting system services, etc.


How to Fix?

We are going to perform the below steps to fix KMODE_Exception_Not_Handled



1> Update drivers

[Press Windows Key + R to open run type  devmgmt.msc and hit enter, launch device manager from device manger select unknown devices right click and hit update driver software.

unknown devices

Wait till the driver gets installed from the Internet and restart your computer normally when done.



2> Check The RAM For Problems To Fix The Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled Error

Press Windows Key + R > type mdsched.exe > press Enter select restart now and check for problems and see if it finds any issue with Ram.

windows memory diagnostic

3> System file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System Files 

Go to start type CMD

Right click and run as Administrator and type sfc /scannow hit enter to scan system.

sfc scan

Wait for it to complete system scan.



4> Remove Faulty driver or any recently installed software or antivirus.

Press windows Key + R > type verifier.exe this will launch driver verifier manager, from select a task option select "create standard settings" click next and select "automatically  select all drivers installed on this computer" on next screen and finish.

driver verifier manager

After you restart your computer. The verifier will check all the drivers on your computer during startup and if it finds any error, you will receive the respective BSOD error message and you will be able to identify which driver causing the problem replace it with a new one.

Also see if you have installed any software recently or any antivirus, uninstall it and see if that helpss


5 > Fix Registry errors 


Download Ccleaner after you have installed Ccleaner select registry tab and scan for issues after it finds issues with registry. Run fix selected issues.registry fix ccleaner


6> Update Your Version Of BIOS

Sometime outdated bios can cause KMODE Exception Not Handled Error check if your current BIOS is the latest.

Press Windows Key + R > type msinfo32 and see the version of your bios and manufacturer. You need to check manufacturer's website to see if there is new update to the current bios you have, if new update is available download it and update. [note: Bios update can be risky make your you know what you are doing.]

bios version


For me I have the latest BIOS as you can see.

dell bios vostro

That’s all folks let us know how you fixed your KMODE Exception Not Handled Error or any of the steps helped you.

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