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Modern browsers are meant to perform faster, utilizes much more memory to load pages faster, additionally our habits have changed we open many tabs on our browser and to add more features we use different plugins letting our browser to use almost all the available memory our computer can provide causing browser to crash.

In this post we came up with some of the solutions to make browser use less memory.



Avoid using too many extensions:

chrome taskbar

As you can see the image of chrome task Manager (Shift+esc) different plugins and extensions runs their own process, remove unwanted plugins and extensions.


On Firefox:

On the address bar type about:addons Hit enter, you will see a new window click on Extensions tab and if you find any unwanted addons please click on ‘Remove’ button.



On chrome:

On the chrome address bar type chrome://extensions/ and check if you have any extensions that is not helpful, remove it.



On Internet Explorer:

Go to > Control Panel\All Control Panel Items and find internet options, open the Programs tab click on manage addons tab on click toolbars and extensions disable unwanted extensions.


Also read:  Best browser extensions ::: Check if you browser has been affected by malware.


Single process: Google Chrome may run multiple process using more memory. By changing the settings of chrome into a single process mode will help you to reduce the process load.

chrome running multiple process

Right click on the chrome shortcut icon from desktop or start menu go to properties click on the shortcut tab, you can see target as “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe ” juts add –single-process (its two dash  before single- – and 1 after )and click OK.  it will look like this  "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --single-process

single process chrome

For Firefox

On the address bar type about:memory  and get the detail information about memory consumption clicking on minimize memory consumption helps in reducing memory.


If you are still having trouble reset your Firefox type about:support  in the address bar and click on the reset update and use the latest version.


Some other tips


OneTab Plugin [Chrome]

one tab chrome

One tab Saves up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome.

It compresses all the opened tabs  into a list, and then you can save that list as a web page [ you can open later] , or restore them all immediately.


Run CC Cleaner  and clean the registry delete temporary internet internet files.


Increase Virtual memory on your computer or increase ram on your computer.


Some browsers we recommend that uses less memory are:

Opera and Maxthon cloud browser, let us know which browser you use and you are very satisfied.

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