windows 10 spyIf you have recently downloaded and installed Windows 10 and started using it you might have heard about rumors and reports that Windows 10 comes with tracking features, some of them are true. So we decided to dig all possible ways Windows 10 can spy on you,  if you are concerned about your privacy then definitely this article is going to be helpful for you.



Learn how to disable WiFi sense in Windows 10



Disable Location Device Tracking in Windows 10



Go to Settings > Privacy > Location and now just click the button under “Location for this device is on” and change it to off.



Disable Location for Apps and Services

apps and services location



In the same window Settings > Privacy > Location under “when location services for this account are on, apps and services you allow can request location history” turn off the location ON button to OFF.



Clear Location History

clear location  history



On the same window click on clear to get rid of saved history.



Disable  Entire Windows 10 Tracking


DisableWinTracking is a program released by 10se1ucgo on Github disables:-

> Telemetry services.
> Tracking services.
> Logging that is enabled by certain trackers after clearing it.
> Tracking servers by editing the host file and much more.


Download and run DisableWinTracking as administrator select either “Privacy” to disable tracking for selected items or revert to revert it back.



Using DoNotSpy10


DoNotSpy10 is first antispy tool made for Windows 10. Its straight-forward user interface allows you to manage and disable number of Windows 10 tracking features.


Launch donNotSpy [requires .net 4.5] and select the features you want to disable just apply to revert it back just un-select and hit apply


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