small and large business successThe best thing you can do to an organization is keep it organized and there is flawless communication, staying on top of daily tasks, follow ups and reaching the target, requires you to have the best of the tools that makes you prepared and stay updated.

In these posts we cover some of the tools from tech world that will help a small business and start-ups a success and achieve their goals.


Look professional, its must to have a corporate email address for communication within and outside business, which one can easily access after hosting their domain many small business and start ups go with Pop3 or Imap which doesn’t gives you the advantage that an exchange server gives, it may cost too high for an start ups and small scale business organization to have and maintain an exchange server.

With Office 365 per email address may cost less than 1 dollar a month, you can compare the plans based on requirements and proceed ahead, Consider looking at Godady’s office 365 features and plans which is helpful for start ups and small organizations as you can go with exchange email as low and single user.

We also suggest you to have a look a Google apps pricing Google apps is basically your own Gmail platform but with your domianl email address.


Dropbox: Dropbox lets you share collaborate on projects with Dropbox you can work together,access files documents seamlessly and securely, and Dropbox can be access from everywhere, get Dropbox.


Trello: Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards.
Trello tells you at a glance what next work to be done, who is working on what and what work is the progress as simple as that.

trello screenshotTicketing system: A ticketing system is a email management tool which helps you to organize and deliver a task and gives you results.

Suppose you have to complete an order you can create a ticket id and assign these tasks to a member of your team, you can get the complete update of the status for example what has been done so far, what are the requirements, what problems are being faced to complete the tasks or if the tasks cannot be completed without someones help based on the updates.

You can charge your client on the basis of time spend to complete the tasks, you wont be wondering around and looking for status of a project.

There are and number of advantages of using a ticketing system based on the nature of your organization.

Katak is a free opening source ticketing system excellent for small business and start-ups.


Service helpdesk plus has a wide variety of features as compared to Katak but its best when you get it for paid license.


Internal communication: Internal communication is very important in a business where they can communicate and share their knowledge and ideas between co-workers.

Microsoft Lync: Lync Is industry’s standard tool used by many small and large based business for video conferring and online meetings.

Skype is an alternative to Lync and its free to use.

lyncWordPress Blogs: For a start up and small scale business company trying to spread the world about their concept, blogging is to be considered. Encourage your team and employees to share their innovation and ideas to the world, blogs writing makes them explore more to what they have been doing regularly. WordPress is the leader when it comes to Content management system WordPress.


Social Media Marketing:

social media

Social media marketing can be the most inexpensive and powerful marketing tool to build the trust and relationship .Promote and grow your business, widen your audiences and customers. There are three key benefits by your presence in social media.

icon-arrow-right Listening to your audience
icon-arrow-right Sharing your message
icon-arrow-right Knowing their expectations

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