cmd commandThere are some things which cannot be done via Gui or may take too long to find out. Having this things done by windows Command saves time and effort, having said that, we will now walk you through some of the very important windows command that will make your life much easier.


Opening command prompt is very easy just type CMD on Run [Press Windows or start key + R to open run] and hit enter.


1> ipconfig – Quickly Find Out Your IP Address.

Instead of opening whole lot of network connections and properties Ipconfig command will display your IP address in a single click.



2> GetMac : Get  the Mac address of Your Computer

Get your computer Mac address with getmac command.

get mac


3> ipconfig /flushdns – Flushes the DNS

If you change your dns servers it wouldn’t effect immediately you need to clear cache, ipconfig /flushdns will help you clear cache data.

flush dns command


4> Shutdown, restart, Log off

Shutdown /l Log off a computer.
Shutdown/s Shutdown the computer.
Shutdown/r Shutdown and restart the computer.
Shutdown/g Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is
rebooted, restart any registered applications.
Shutdown/a Abort a system shutdown.
This can only be used during the time-out period.
Shutdown/p Turn off the local computer with no time-out or warning.
Shutdown/h Hibernate the local computer.


5> sfc /scannow – System File checker

sfc /scannow If system files are missing or corrupted, the system file checker will repair them.[Command must be run as an administrator]

sfc scan


6> Wmic Bios get serialnumber

Will help you find the serial number of your computer.

serial number


7> Systeminfo – Get the complete information of your computer

system info


8> Ping

ping followed by an IP address, hostname or web domain will send a series of test packets from the adddress. If they arrive and are returning, you know the device is capable of communicating with your Computer.

ping command


9> Tasklist – Displays the list of all the task running



10> Attrib - Hide Files and Folders 

If you want a top secret folder on your computer you can hide it without letting anyone find it. Not event windows show hidden files and folder can view it for anyone.


For example: A folder name Secret folder in D drive type Attrib +h +s +r D:\secret [ where D:\secret is the path].

To unhide the folder just add - instead on + example Attrib -h -s -r D:\secret 

This command also helps you find out missing data on a USB device. When sometimes complete USB device becomes empty although it has files in it. Example I is the letter of the USB placed on a computer, running attrib -h -r -s /s /d I:\*.*  will get all the files back [must run as an administrator]

Tip: Adding pipe [|] and clip [Clip]after command copies the output, saves you time from marking and copying, example ipconfig |clip

Hopes you find these information’s helpful leave your comments and suggestions.

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