decrease-page-load-time-on-wordpressNo one likes waiting around for a web site to load, such a lot people would avoid a website that’s take more than 3 seconds to load.
Without taking the right safety measures, you’ll end up with a slow site that may not exclusively be an inconvenience for repeated visitors however can most actually lose you subscribers and customers attributable to the impatient nature of net browsers.

Indeed Google components site speed into their guideline while ranking websites. in this manner if your site masses slow most likely your Google rankings will fall, and progressively pull in less traffic to your site.

Use a good Caching Plugin trusted by countless companies W3 Total Cache  is the best choice.

w3 total cache

Scroll down we will be explaining few more steps through which you can speed up your WordPress site.


  icon-arrow-circle-right Choose a good host

good host


Read reviews on the company’s service.
There are a many of forums online where people can post reviews about web hosting services. Check some of the more recent reviews for the company to see if people have had issues with customer service and support.

Extraordinary customer support is a flat out need -

The web never rests, hunt down a supplier that offers staggering customer help.

Pick a host with an astounding up-time track record – The encouraging supplier you pick should take every wellbeing measure to insurance most compelling up-time. While no web host can guarantee 100 percent uptime, it should offer no short of what 99 percent up-time on an average.

 CND Content Delivery Network if you still not satisfied with web host you will definitely get results using CND such as Cloufare or Max CDN.


icon-arrow-circle-right  Choose a good solid theme


ThemeForest is great place to get a solid theme of your need, make sure you see the demo and observe the load time before you purchase it, for rock solid free themes you can look for your themes on Wordress themes repository.


icon-arrow-circle-right Compress pictures


Images are usually the largest files a site have so if they aren’t compressed they can take ages to load..
WP Smush it, at presently managed by WPMU DEV, mechanically strips meta data from Jpegs and removes un-utilized colors from index pictures.
If you use lot of images in your website you can have jQuery Image Lazy Load WP , BJ Lazy Load

Use CSS Sprites for background images try Sprite images.


  icon-arrow-circle-right Minify markup language, CSS and Javascript
In different words take away all white house from code wherever doable.
While areas and tabs build code additional clear for humans, servers and browsers couldn’t care less as long as it’s valid and executes while not error.

We suggest Better WordPress Minify or even W3 Total cache has Minifier which works great.


 icon-arrow-circle-right Optimize Database Tables


Optimizing  your database table is like cleaning the engine of a car, so that it performs smoothly.

WP-DBManager and  wp-optimize are some of the tools can help you optimize your word press website.


Check which Plugin is Slowing down.



In the End.

You run Several tools to check the speed of your website and analyze in the real time and work further.

Pingdom , GTmetrix and some of those Good luck.


whew !! still reading leave your suggestions.

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