wordpress themesA website is one of the most effective marketing tools that can be used for online marketing. It can be said that a website is the face of the business, so the design and layout of the site really matters. Thanks to WordPress, this task becomes much easier because this tool offers a variety of good-looking and professional website themes for any kind of business. Moreover, many of them are free to use, which can be especially useful for startups and small businesses that cannot afford to have large budgets to spend on themes.



To make sure that you will avoid making mistakes and do everything right in your own selection, we will give you ten free and premium stunning custom-made WordPress themes that are perfect for promoting and stunning the visitors. All of them feature super functionality and are packed with awesome functions that will help you to create the website your business needs!



1. Origin


This is a perfect theme for the website that needs to contain a lot of text. It has been designed specifically to combine visual elements with the text without looking too messy by arranging the articles in a special column that provides each with a reasonable space for the preview. Origin therefore is a perfect option for the company that has to provide many articles and other textual materials on the website.



2. Hatch


If you are running a photography-related company, this theme should be your choice. Hatch has the layout perfect for adding numerous images; for example, the user can place one large photo as the main one and twelve others in a grid fashion. As the result, the visitors can see your work right on the homepage and evaluate the quality of photos right away.


3. Moesia


This theme can be suitable for many kinds of businesses because of its design that fits many profiles. Specifically, it has a large homepage image that can show what our business is about, great animations, fonts, and effects. The layout of the homepage can be selected among eleven options, which is good for adding different elements to attract the visitors see other pages.



4. Arcade


The next theme is lightweight and fully responsive HTML5 option that looks stunning. The menu on the homepage is located at the top, while the background is the image of your choice. A little effect of blur will improve the text readability and give the site a modern look. Another advantage of Arcade is great customization of elements.



5. Folder


This simple theme with a simple name has an image-dominated design that is great for showing products and projects. It is perfect for startups that do not require the site full of widgets and prefer simplicity because it has only five widgets included and keeps the number of features to the minimum. The companies that need to put the greater emphasis on the visual representation of their products will certainly appreciate this theme.



6. Travelify


If your business needs to have a travel blog or site that targets adventurists and travelers, this free theme might be great for you. It was specifically designed to include photo elements and descriptions of the content that can be used for travel images and narratives of the people who visited the fascinating places. Also, it is fully customizable and has a number of options for layout.



7. Grid


Grid is a responsive theme that is used by small businesses and artists to create a portfolio of event site that has a lot of graphics and photo elements. It is therefore perfect for displaying products, projects, and other items in a grid format, which is the only option here. Ensure you have sufficient amount of photos and other graphics if you want to use this one.





This is a high-end professional theme that has awesome graphics, custom touches, and clean typography. According to the developer, it can be used by businesses that teach healthy living, such as wellness clinics and personal trainers. It is extremely customizable and has everything that you need, including testimonials, CTAs, and social media integration.



9. Panino


Panino is a user-friendly theme which is perfect for use by restaurants and other small businesses that deal with food because it allows having a menu that can be updated whenever you wish. It is fully customizable and comes with a strong imagery to show off your dishes and restaurant design to the visitors.



10. Finale


The last theme on our list is an elegant theme called Finale that puts a special emphasis on the words and design. It can be used by agencies or other businesses that deal with design because it can show the unique touch and provide great functionality.



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